May 2018 - 2020


I started this virtual tour service after not being able to see the inside of the new gym that opened up in a town near my home while I was at college. I only knew what the inside looked like from Snapchat Stories I had seen from my friends. In this day and age, I think that virtual tours for gyms (Especially independently owned gyms) should be an industry standard. I am also certain it will be in the coming years.

I was looking for creative outlets where I could use technology (and gain some experience and money) and this presented one for me. Long story short, I created this virtual tour service based off of 360° photography and 3D scans and it's been an exciting and educating ride.

I would really love for you to check it out by visiting the website below!

2015 - 2020

Beitler / Messmer Painting - Painter

My duties at this local interior/exterior painting business included painting, heavy lifting, and some home repair. Because of the quality of the work done by crews I have been on and the crews before me, many businesses and individuals choose Beitler / Messmer painting consistently.

This has been my most satisfying work experience because I directly contributed to the success of the business, it helped me develop interpersonal skills, useful painting/maintenance skills, and I learned how important reputation and personal relationships are in business.

Nov 2018 - Oct 2019

GeoCV - Marketing Intern (Remote)

This experience was one of my most interesting and risky things I've taken on. During my 2nd year at BGSU, I was looking for internships and either none of the general marketing internships excited me or I was not qualified for them. Then, while continuing my search on LinkedIn, I came across a job posting for a marketing intern for a 3D virtual tour company. I was still starting my 360° virtual tour company at the time, so there couldn't have been anything more perfect.

Before I got in, I was well aware of the risks of getting involved with a startup and the legal challenge they were facing from a rival with deeper pockets, but I knew the experience would be worth it either way; I was right. I learned a lot about how things get done in fast-paced companies and genuine connections that will last a lifetime.

What I took from this experience was learning collaboration involving different contacts in different departments to create marketing strategies and identify places for improvement for the company. I also learned how to help with on-boarding new people, writing and producing video relating to the SAAS product, and strengthened my self-starting skills. Being a self-starter and creative problem solver was a necessity in a company like this and it was a lot of stress but also a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, much of the staff at GeoCV was acqui-hired by another company in late 2019 and left the future of the company pretty murky. I talk more about the acqui-hire in one of my YouTube videos:


Taco Bell - Cashier / Maintenance

I worked as a "Service Champion" at this fast-food restaurant. My main duty was at the cash register but I was also responsible for keeping the lobby and restrooms clean.

Through this experience, I learned how to better interact with supervisors and co-workers in a more traditional work environment. I also learned how to handle customers if they had complaints or if they were being rude.

One more valuable thing I learned: When an older female customer asks for a senior discount, ask, "Are you sure? I think I'll have to see some I.D." They always seem to light up and remember that the next time they come in!


Fall 2017 - Present

Bowling Green State University

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing with minors in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I decided to study here to network, strengthen my writing abilities, and add to my knowledge of internet and content marketing to provide value for individuals and businesses, and have an impact.


Tai Lopez's Social Media Marketing Agency Course

**I got caught in the SMMA racket that started around this time (while I was a senior in highschool) and while I did not go on to pursue a career in social media marketing, the course helped me get on track for website building and basics of business. I thank the powers that be every day that I didn't spend $3000 on this course because I found the complete course on a website for $50.**

I really took an interest in social media marketing because of the impact I had witnessed even being in its early stages and learned from top social media and internet marketing specialists including:

  • Tai Lopez - Social media influencer, entrepreneur, and business consultant.
  • Joe Soto - 19 years of experience in many aspects of sales and internet marketing. Owner of Revenue Inbound and Rockfish Marketing.
  • Alex Mehr - CEO and Co-Founder of Mentorbox, previous CEO and Co-Founder of a popular dating site Zoosk ($800M in sales)

I also learned from others specializing in website building, search engine optimization, and internet marketing including copywriting, web page design, sales conversion, and platform monetization.

I learned a lot from this course. In my opinion, it directed me to good internet marketing tools more than anything else. It dealt with a lot of "technical stuff" that I needed more knowledge on to apply with my creative abilities.

I did start a social media marketing agency after I completed the course, but after some time, I realized it was not the best use of my abilities.



Google Street View Pro

The Google Street View Pro (Formerly Google Trusted Photographer) program allows people who are "Trusted Pros" to use Google's resources to market themselves as a 360° photography or virtual tour service. My goal when aiming for this status was to gain credibility and resources for a virtual tour service for gyms, real estate, and other businesses which is now DART-FROG. You can see DART-FROG registered as a Trusted Agency in Findlay, Ohio on Google's "Hire a Trusted Pro," website.

The Trusted Pro is a status that people achieve after meeting a number of published 360° photos on Google's Street View Service. I wanted to reach this status so I could take photos, stitch them together and edit them in an interactive virtual tour, and be able to publish it to Google Maps' "See Inside," feature (Which not just anyone can do). I blew a lot of weekends and evenings after work to get the pictures needed and was very out of my comfort zone going door to door asking to take pictures of the insides of businesses, but it was definitely something I needed. I was horribly nervous the first day, but as I kept going out into towns, it got easier.

I've already been having experiences that are helping me professionally such as ones relating to preparedness, persistence, and making sure you're proud of what you're providing. I'm writing more about what I'm learning in my blog featured on this website.